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Save time and money with our easy to use Check Printing Service. This built-in feature comes standard in all PBO accounts and allows Wellspring Software to print, fold, seal, stamp and mail your checks for you. All you have to do is turn it on, select which checks you want to send and Wellspring will handle the rest.

The PrintBoss Check Printing Service takes the hassle out of check printing by letting Wellspring Software (the creators of PrintBoss) print, fold, seal, stamp, and mail your checks. All you do is add funds to your account and then turn the service on. Select which checks you want Wellspring to handle and we’ll do the rest.
Bank of America estimates the cost of sending a check to be between $4-$20. The majority of this is in labor and materials costs. The PrintBoss Check Printing Service cuts these costs by eliminating the printing, folding, sealing, stamping and mailing of your checks. You maintain your accounts payable processes, but when a check is ready to be printed, we take care of it.
  • Mailed Domestically
    • Single page check - $1.30 per check
    • Multi page check - $1.30 per page
  • Mailed Internationally
    • Single page check - $2.00 per check
    • Multi page check - $2.00 per page

Setting up the Check Printing Service is easy. You must be a PrintBoss Online admin to set up the Check Printing Service. All it takes is two simple steps:

Step 1 – Add funds to your account. These funds are separate from your PrintBoss Online subscription. This is a retainer account that will only be used for the Check Printing Service.

  1. From the Home screen or in the sidebar menu click Admin
  2. Click Check Printing Service
  3. Click Balance
  4. In the Amount field, input the balance you would like to deposit. Enter your credit card information (or select one from your saved list).

Step 2 – Turn on this service in your Bank profile.

  1. From the Home screen or in the sidebar menu click Banks
  2. Edit the bank you want to turn this service on for
  3. Click the “Printing Service” tab
  4. Select the “Yes” radio button

That’s it! Now when you generate a check from that bank, the checks will be sent to Wellspring Software to be printed, folded, sealed, stamped and mailed. On the Checks screen, you will see “Printing Service” under the Status column.

You always have the option to print checks yourself even if the Check Printing Service is turned on, by clicking the “More” button on the Checks screen.

Checks are typically sent within 24 hours of receipt by Wellspring, and if submitted by 12pm CST are usually mailed out the same day. In rare circumstances, checks could take up to 5 days to process. All checks are sent via USPS First Class mail. We will update the status on your Checks screen as your checks are processed.

Printing Service Check Statuses

Yes! Once this feature is setup and turned on, your “Generate” and “Print” buttons move under the “More” button on your Checks screen.
No, the check will be sent to your vendor with your return address on the document. There will be nothing that indicates Wellspring Software.
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